Clinical Counselling

Are you looking for a counsellor?  I encourage you to read the "about Liisa" page to learn a little more about the way I look at the world, and how I approach the therapeutic process. 

If you are new to counselling, the info below might help you determine if this is the time to see a counsellor, and if I am a good fit.

Individual counselling sessions are typically 50 minutes in duration, and couples sessions are typically 80 minutes.  All couples and families are welcome. 

Counselling is both a supportive and a growth oriented process.  There is a tension in these ideas, because what feels supportive, doesn't always contribute to our growth.  Growth is sometimes uncomfortable.  Learning new things about ourselves and trying new skills can feel awkward and uncomfortable.  We are best positioned to take risks and try new things when we are well supported, so the blend of support and challenge is important to pay attention to.  When you work with me, I encourage you to be open about how the pacing of our work is fitting for you.  If you need to slow down, or if your hoping to move a bit faster, please let me know.  You never *have* to do anything.  You can decline to answer any question you don't want to, and you can determine if a particular modality is a good fit for you.  I trust your wisdom about yourself.  My goal is that we build a relationship where you trust me as well.  

Typically in the counselling session, you might offer some information about what is going on for you, and what you hope could be different.  I may ask you some questions to learn more about your life, and then I might offer some reflections or strategies that you could try in session or for homework that I think might be supportive in your process.   If you ever want to know why I ask a particular question, or what the goal of a particular technique is, you are always welcome to ask.

Typically, clients who are not in immediate crisis, who want to have a session every 2-4 weeks (or more), and who have availability on Fridays and weekends are the best match for my availability.  

It is my goal that all bodies and all belief systems are welcome in my office.  I work from a body positive lens and while I often borrow from the traditions of yoga and mediation in my work outside the counselling room, we only use them in the room if they are a good fit.  If you have a faith tradition or a belief that is important to you, it's very helpful to our process for me to know that.